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We’re Coco Coast

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We’re Coco Coast

We’re a coconut water made by the people, for the people. We don’t take life too seriously, we are laid back, unpretentious, and appreciate all of the moments that life brings us, the good, the bad, the hilarious, the sad. Life, it's natural and we embrace that.

One thing we do take seriously is great tasting healthy hydration, we’re coconuts for it. We say goodbye to the days of refined sugar, BVO, Biphenol A, Concentrates, Yellow 5, Caramel Colouring, High Fructose Corn syrup, Acesulfame potassium, and all of the other chemical trickery that are used to create sweet tasting drinks.

We say hello to all natural, chemical free, pure, cholesterol free, gluten free, dairy free, nourishing hydration. The Coco Coast way.

Founded in 2016, we are proudly a 100% Australian owned small business, with aspirations to fuel the global soft drinks market with great tasting, naturally nourishing beverages.


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