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It’s our Growing Conditions and our Young Green Coconuts

All our coconuts come from, aptly named by the locals, “The Land Of The Coconut” In the Mekong Delta region of Southern Vietnam. The ideal growing conditions – rich fertile soils in a tropical environment produce a beautiful young green coconut that naturally sweeter. We only use young green coconuts as the more mature aged coconut does not maintain high levels of natural sweetness.

Simple, because it is all natural. If you have consumed coconut water directly from a coconut you will notice that the water is richer in colour and varies from coconut to coconut. Like people, no two coconuts are the same. The colours will vary from cloudy white to amber.

Because Coco Coast is all natural you will experience slight colour variations from batch to batch consistent with current seasonal growing conditions and antioxidant levels

Great question, we get asked this a lot. The answer is clear – you change it from its natural state.

To achieve a consistently clear or white coconut water, there are lots of tricks used during the manufacturing process, such as adding milk, using stabilisers some of which are all natural, preservatives. We don’t do this, hence the varied colour in our product.

No! All of our products are 100% pure and natural including our watermelon water range.

In our fruit enhanced range we only use 100% pure juice. We will never compromise on quality or nutrition which is why we will never add concentrate to our products.

You bet! All of our products are dairy and gluten-free, also vegan friendly.

Coco Coast contains naturally occurring electrolytes. It is packed with both magnesium and potassium, which are essential for hydration. Coco Coast is a great replacement for Synthetic sports drinks, as well as a natural alternative to pharmacy bought hydration supplements.

Yes! As per FDA and Health Department legislation, Coco Coast meets these legal requirements without compromising on nutrition and taste.

After our coconuts are harvested, washed, and cracked open, the liquid inside is flash-pasteurized prior to packaging. There are several ways to pasteurise Coconut Water, we chose Flash pasteurisation to help preserve the best natural flavour and nutrients, remove potentially harmful bacteria. This process makes Coco Coast coconut water shelf-stable for up to 12 months in bottles and 2 years in cans.

Yes. All of our packaging is also 100% recyclable – so please recycle when you are able to.

We harness all the goodness in with a strong aluminium seal. We do this to ensure quality.

On the bottle top you will notice an elevated ridge which acts as a tool to remove the inner seal. Flip the lid and place it on the seal, push it down to pierce the vacuum then twist to remove.

Check out the simple demo on our Instagram page.

YES YES YES YES YES! We love seeing families enjoying Coco Coast. Our range is developed with everyone in mind. Coco Coast is a great alternative for soft drinks, sports drinks, energy drinks and even juices which are very high in naturally occurring sugars.